Meet the Ladies Behind the Lens

Brie'Denee Photography is a captivating collaboration between a dynamic mother-daughter duo, Carrie and Brittney. Carrie's journey into photography began during her daughters' youth, focusing primarily on sports photography as her youngest daughter pursued dance. With a camera in hand, she became a familiar face in the audience of recitals and competitions, capturing the essence of each performance. Brittney, on the other hand, discovered her passion for photography unexpectedly when she stepped in to support a sick doula. Acting as a backup for the ailing doula, Brittney found herself at a birth where the client also desired photography. Despite not having her own camera, she embraced the challenge using the doula's equipment, and it was love at first click. Together, this talented mother-daughter team brings a unique blend of experience and passion to Brie'Denee Photography, ensuring that every moment they capture tells a story that lasts a lifetime.

"Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen."


About Brittney

I will devour a pizza or any and all chips and salsa. I’m a wife, mother, forever student, photographer, birth doula, yoga instructor, creative, and anything else I choose to be. I’m the wife of 15 years to Mike and the mother of Gwendalyn, Abigail and Phoebe, my three beautiful girls and Jirard, my handsome son.

I believe life should be fun and full of laughter. My family is everything to me and my world revolves around them. I love the nitty gritty of life and getting close up and personal with it. Life is hard and messy and there is so much beauty in this messy world. We are meant to learn and grow every day. Living life without regrets is one of my ultimate goals.

Some credentials, because they're helpful… I have a bachelor's degree in health education from Truman State University, a certified birth and bereavement doula through Stillbirthday, certified birth photographer through Birth Becomes Her, Peanut Ball Ambassador, birth doula trained with DONA and a 200-hour yoga instructor.

I offer maternity, birth, newborn, family and fantasy fairy photography through Brie'Denee Photography. You can hire me to be your Birth doula through Birth it Forward (BIF).

About Carrie

Meet Carrie, the creative force behind Brie'Denee Photography and the nurturing half of our dynamic mother-daughter team. With a passion for photography that spans years, Carrie brings a wealth of experience and an artistic touch to every shoot. Her specialization lies in crafting custom fairy portraits that enchant and family portraits that capture the essence of love and connection. Carrie's keen eye and warm personality create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for clients, ensuring that each moment becomes a timeless memory. Her dedication to her craft and commitment to delivering exceptional images make her an integral part of the Brie'Denee Photography experience.




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"Our time with Brittney changed the whole pregnancy and birthing experience. Doctors can be so impersonal and it can be hard to even contact them or to hear back between visits. I loved having someone to text when I needed to talk or wanted advice during my pregnancy journey. I loved her showing us how to prepare for birth and working with my husband, equipping him to be a wonderful birth partner. But even without all of that, hiring Brittney would have been worth it just to have her in labor and delivery."

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